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Holland Aqua

Co-creation in sustainable solutions

Holland Aqua offers consultancy and project management in the fields of aquaculture and air and water treatment. We specialise in supply chain management, business analyses, quality systems, grant procedures and aquaculture engineering.

Holland Aqua assembles state of the art fishfarms with low environmental impact and high productivity, based on local production demands (species and quantity) and with local as well as imported materials.

Holland Aqua represents 20 years of experience in aquaculture engineering and managing (inter)national aquaculture projects. Some examples:

  • Design and construction of large scale turnkey fish farms and hatcheries with closed or semi- closed water recirculation systems for tilapia, sturgeon, eel, salmon and catfish such as Claresse. Farms are all designed to meet international sustainability standards (lowest input of energy, water and feed per kg of produced fish).
  • Onsite training in intensive fish production, fish processing, biological water treatment and management of fish farms.
  • Setup and management of supply chains for sustainable fresh fish (from fry to fillet), maintaining optimal and transparent cooperation between chain partners.
  • Farming strategy integrated cost price calculations, production optimisation, improvement of culturing methods, cost reductions and harvesting schedules.
  • Implementation of quality certification standards in the fields of aquaculture, food safety and animal welfare.

Holland Aqua maximises a company’s potential by offering efficient, cost-effective and sustainable solutions. Sustainability is an indispensable part of business strategy in all companies today. By bringing strategic partners to the table, Holland Aqua combines knowledge and practice in order to take your aquatic business to a higher level.

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FoodTechAfrica has a local office in Nairobi, Kenya and an office located in Zeist, the Netherlands. This way we can give you local support, while maintaining a Dutch contact point at all times. FoodTechAfrica is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the FDOV program.

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