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Comprehensive, no nonsense and with an eye for detail. That is typical of Dinnissen. From machine to total concept, we are the people to rely on. Every project is unique and has a specific solution. Dinnissen guarantees that your projects will be carried out with the highest level of care.

Dinnissen was established in 1948 as an equipment manufacturer focusing on the innovation of machines and processes for the compound feed industry. More than six decades of experience with feeding/discharging technologies, developing specialized machines, processing, control, automation and engineering have given us a thorough knowledge of the various disciplines involved. We don't think in terms of limitations but in terms of possibilities.

The rapid regional growth and development of the feed industry continually challenged us to apply all our innovative talent and expertise. Dinnissen became a specialist in handling bulk solids and powders, and it was not long before various players from the chemical, pharmaceutical and foodstuff sectors came knocking at our door in search of our specialized know-how and expertise. Over time, we have been able to broaden the scope of our activities while expanding globally into increasingly high-quality applications.

Today, Dinnissen holds a leading position in the world of bulk materials and process technology. With over 125 permanent employees and an extensive network of agents, Dinnissen operates world-wide in the most diverse industries.

The market is continuously changing. Technology is developing more and more quicker. Dinnissen is always looking for innovations and market developments, aiming at developing new products for its customers. Improved ergonomics, efficiency and hygiene are of paramount importance in this. We are constantly looking for new solutions and options for and with our customers.

Our global offices

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FoodTechAfrica has a local office in Nairobi, Kenya and an office located in Zeist, the Netherlands. This way we can give you local support, while maintaining a Dutch contact point at all times. FoodTechAfrica is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the FDOV program.

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